Life is About Evolving

Blossoming into the women of my dreams!

If you told me I'd be here now, last year I would of doubted you. My faith was obsolete even though time and time again God showed out in my life. I lost my focus because of one too many bad experiences. Now, looking back i'm grateful for the hard times because they've sculpted me into the woman I can now be proud of. 

So what's my story.....  

I accepted a job I hated but it paid the bills. I accepted all types of friends because I didn't want to be alone. I tolerated dysfunction because I didn't know I truly deserved peace. 

The issue here is that I never sought God about any of the things I let into my life. 

All of this changed after I was unexpectedly let go from my job and with out a place to stay I went into hibernation. Friends dropped and dependents disappeared. It was in this season I learned where my help comes from. It was during these months that I developed my confidence in Christ. Everything I have and the women I am now is a direct reflection of my prayer life. 

Purpose Planner is my accident child. Something I had no intentions of birthing but God! I cried during the process because it was painful but God saw me through. I was headed down the wrong path focused on the wrong things and God snatched me up, molded me and now I emerge to show off his master piece! This is the evolution of Brittany aka Billie McQueen.