DeClutter Your Home

Physical clutter is mental clutter.

I noticed this year that if my home wasn't organized I had a hard time focusing on the task I need to complete. So over the weekend, I decided to declutter my home. 

I was shocked to find out I was holding on to so many clothes from the early 2000's. I ended up with 2 trash bags full of stuff to throw away. None of the items were in any condition to be passed down or donated. After I completed my guest room I realized I needed a better blueprint for how I'd declutter each room in my home. 

Insert my favorite Spring Notepad. Reminding me that what you focus on grows!


I used this notepad to tackle each room in my house, and during the process, I picked up some fundamentals about decluttering. 

1.Girl, Bye- You don't need it. If you pick something up and pause longer than 5 seconds you need to donate it or throw it away. Remeber your goal here is to simplify your surroundings and create more open space. 

2. Everything needs a home- I'm the Queen of decorative storage. I have blankets tucked away in gold wire baskets and towels in wicker milk crates. So, when I ran across 3 or more items that needed a home I simply added them to my decorative storage so they wouldn't take up so much space. 

3.Command Center- Items you use daily need a command center. Keys, coats, and bags need to be in one central location. Hooks and decorative storage will prevent you from ever losing your keys again. 

Out with the old, and in the with the new in the decorative storage of course!