DIY Ikea Hack: Rose Gold BookShelf

I'm in the process of decorating my basement/ office and I've settle on a rose gold accent color. I had one problem though. All my ikea furniture was black. So I decided to paint everything a rose gold, but then it dawned on me that I suck at painting. So I went to Home Depot and told the sales clerk my woes and she guided me to the spray paint isle! Who knew you could transform your old Ikea furniture for under $10 dollars? 




Design Mater is your FRIEND! It's true to color and my first recommendation. 

You'll also want to make sure you have a premier. I recommend Rust-Oleum.


Check out the step by step process below.


Step 1: Make sure you do this OUTSIDE! The fumes are harsh and you don't want this on your carpet. Make sure you cover your outside area with old newspaper or cardboard. Shake your primer and start spraying! 


Step 2: Make sure your entire bookshelf is covered with primer and allow 30 minutes for it to dry.


Step 3: Once its dry you can start using your Rose Gold Spray Paint. Make sure you shake this can until you here the ball in side rattling. Spray in a moving left to right motion. You'll have to shake your can through out the process.


Step 4: Let your bookshelf dry for about an hour then add your second coat. Remember to shake that can! 


Step 5: Let your book shelf dry over night and style your heart away!