August 01, 2018
The Top 3 Lessons I Learned in July

July came with many blessings and test. We collaborated with Blume Box, attended Essence Festival and started working on the 2019 planners. Through all the downs I learned to cherish the ups. Here are the top 3 lessons I learned.

Time is valuable. It goes with out saying life moves at a blink of an eye. One minute my niece was a little baby in my arms and now she's crawling. One minute I was hugging my Grandmother and the next I was laying her to rest. It was honestly my Grandmothers death that made me stop and think about how I'm using my time. Am I living out my wildest dreams or am I playing it safe? Moving forward I won't be playing on the fence, i'll be living every second out loud! 



  Friendship is not determined by how long you've known a person. I actually lost 2 loved ones this Summer and friends that I thought would be by my side were no where to be found. I was hurt but I learned that people aren't obligated to respond how you want them too, regardless of the normality of the expectation.  Sometimes you need to put a friendship in time out and sometimes you need to just move on. A true friend knows everything won't be all about them all the time and a certain level of selflessness is required the more you grow through life together.

Stick to a strong morning routine. When you grow through life no doubt you'll come across challenges. Entering into a new season it was imperative for me to add to my morning routine. Scripture, affirmations, journaling, motivational podcast and devotionals are a norm. I learned in this new season I need to add a morning walk to keep a balanced mental. Change is inevitable, it's important to change up your routines that keep you centered. 





brittany adams