The Whole Purpose Foundation

A break-up I didn't want to happen inspired some of my best growth this year. I'm healthier, both spiritually and mentally. I began purging everything that didn’t align with my purpose but that wasn’t the hard part. What’s hard is accepting that you can be whole despite what you’ve gone through, figuring out how and living in it.


God is the master of taking our pain and using it to launch the calling on our lives. Past challenges, pains and what appeared on the surface to be failures were catalyst that shifted me toward my spiritual awakening and destiny. 


What once hurt me is now blessing me and will be a blessing to other women. I’m honored to introduce The Whole Purpose Foundation. A foundation dedicated to helping women heal  by connecting them with a therapist and covering the cost for up to 1 year. 


The Whole Purpose Foundation, is the harvest of this years pain and I’m grateful for every experience that led to the birth of something greater than me. 


Please join me in L.A. next year for the 7th Purpose Planner Dinner Party and the first dinner dedicated to the mental wellness of women. #Linkinbio