A Reminder to Consistently Find Your Balance

Too much future and not enough presence is a formula for disaster.

Life has a way of making me forget, which is why I keep quotes plastered on walls around my home.

What I mean is, life comes with so many distractions it’s so easy to fall off balance. It’s crucial to keep reminders around you to help you stay centered.

I'm not perfect and there are times I forget to renew my spirit with scriptures, affirmations and motivational quotes. As a result I lose my center. and get consumed with the future instead of being grateful for the present.

I felt the tension in my body. I heard the stress in my speech and anxiety was knocking me off balance so much I had dizzy spells. This is why I always say it’s important to pay attention to your body and mood.

I had too much future, and not enough presence occupying my core. In that moment I used my Purpose Planner to write out my wins and focus on what I was currently grateful for.

The cure for keeping my balance was gratitude. I felt it in the calmness of my body. I heard it in the peacefulness of my voice. Gratitude gave me my balance back and made me feel like I was floating on clouds. 💕

-gratefully living in the present,